Friday, 14 November 2014

The Perfect Red Lip

After having to wear a 'Ferrari red' lip almost every day for the past 9 months I thought I would share some tips I've learned to make it extremely long lasting, and my favourite products to give you the perfect pout!

First up is Lip Prep - No lippy will go on perfectly without taking some time and effort to prepare your lips first.

I used to use lip scrubs (like the Lush variety), but honestly I thought they made more of a mess then anything else. And I always felt they took off healthy skin as well as the chapped-ness that I actually wanted rid of.
Nowadays I'm just using whatever facecloth, muslin cloth or my old favourite Nima Mitt that I'm using to wash my face - simply gently rub the cloth over your wet lips (or lips after applying a thin layer of lip balm for protection) until the dead skin is removed. Simple! Do remember to go gentle though, because if you go too harsh you may be left with 'raw' patches which not only hurt but also do not hold onto lipstick at all!

Skin and eye primers are never really something I got into - they don't seem to make a whole lot of difference to me at all! But lip primers are a different story.
The only one I've used, purely because I find it amazing so have no reason at all to switch, is the MAC Prep & Prime Lip. It is a little expensive (around €17 from Brown Thomas) but I think it is most definitely worth the money. It also lasts quite a while - I've had mine for over 6 months and it's still going strong!
You just apply it all over your lips, wait for around 30 seconds (until it goes 'tacky') and then you're ready for your liner or lipstick!

Now you're ready for your Colour..

I found it very very hard to find a pure red lipliner! They always seems to be pinky, or orangey or too pale, until I found Kiss Me Quick - a Pro Longwear Lipliner by MAC.
It is described on the MAC website as a 'yellow red' and maybe it's the natural undertones of my skin or something but I find it much much redder then any other liner I've tried. Plus, because it is a Pro Longwear shade it is extremely long lasting - a serious bonus when you have a long day!
I usually both line and fill in the lips with this to give me a more even and fuller lip.

I have 2 recommendations for lipsticks to give you. First up is the amazing Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01. This stuff does not budge! It is a liquid product that applies like a lipgloss and dries matte giving you a beautiful bold red lip instantly. You do have to be very careful with this though, as if you go 'outside the lines' at all its a bugger to get off (which is why you need to start with the liner).
This would be my holy grail red lipstick except that it is quite drying. It wouldn't be so much of a problem except that working on an Airplane makes your skin and lips so dry anyways that it doesn't really work out in the long run :( I would still definitely recommend this for a night out or any occasion really, just not for all day every day wear. If you are wearing it and it gets a little dry just pop a layer of lipbalm over it - it will both smooth out the colour and moisturise your lips!

My second recommendation is the one i wear every day: Lasting Finish by Kate Moss (for Rimmel) in 01. Again this is a perfect, bold red. Like all of the Kate Moss lipsticks it has a beautiful creamy consistency and extremely vibrant opaque colours. This is my go-to because it does not dry my lips at all, yet it will still last perfectly for an entire flight, or up to 8 hours, including eating, with maybe just one little touch up required. I always have one of these in my pocket and at least one or two floating around in my bag because at €7ish you really can't resist!

Lastly it is of course very important to use a good lipbalm. I personally don't use it just before applying my lipstick etc because I find it makes the colour less long lasting, so on days I'm not wearing a colour on my lips and at night I slather myself in balm! For very bad lip days I use some Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on my lips overnight (the original cream, not the lipbalm version) and then do a bit of exfoliation in the morning and voila perfectly smooth yet again :)

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  1. My lipstick never stays no matter what i do and then i ahve to redo it all the time. Finally found some great tips for retaining my lipstick and I am surely going to follow these from now on.

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