Thursday, 20 November 2014

Entertaining in Abu Dhabi..

I’ve had my sister over in Abu Dhabi for a few days (my first visitor!!) so I finally have some nice pictures of Abu Dhabi and thought it was only right to do a blog post to accompany them!

Abu Dhabi is a world away from Ireland in every aspect! It has definitely taken some getting used to, but I really enjoy it here! As I’ve said about Dublin, sometimes it takes having to show someone around the place you’re from/living for you to realise all there is to do – entertaining is allot of pressure!

My first sight in Abu Dhabi, on my way to my new apartment fresh from the airport way back in February, was the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque (above) – crazy!! Lavish, excessive and beautiful are words which describe quite a bit of the places and things over here and the Grand Mosque is definitely no exception. 
It is decked out completely in marble and jewels, with beautiful chandillears  and intriciate detailing on every wall and pillar both inside and out.
While this is obviously quite the tourist attraction is it also still a functioning Mosque, non-Muslims can only access a small part of the vast grounds out of the respect for those praying, however I am guessing the rest of it is just as beautiful!
Before entering the Mosque females must ensure they are competely covered by an Abaya (the traditional Arabic dress) that they provide for your visit which must remain covering your hair at all times. As you can see, myself and Emma were fully embracing our new look!

As if that wasn’t enough decadance for one day we then went onto Emirates Palace for a gold topped cuppaccino (because who doesn’t love the taste of gold?!).  Unfortunately I have a huge lack of photos from here, but its also stunning! A bit more traditional looking then the Moqsue, but just as grand!

Next up on our activity packed 3 days (we honestly did not stop!) was a desert safari – a must if travelling to the UAE!
This was such a nice change from the over-the-top-ness of the past few days! We finally got to see some actual desert :D
It is a full day trip – get picked up around 2pm and  not back again untill 9 that evening. There are quite a few things to do – Dune Bashing, a Falcon show, Henna Tattoos (we chickened out of the 2 week commitment though so gave that a miss), a full Arabic barbeque buffet,  a video about the UAE’s journey to become what it is now,  sand boarding, camel riding, horse riding, traditional dress and, our favourite, quad bikes!!
Just by looking at a camel you can see how knobbly it’s legs are – it makes for quite the experneice when getting up on it, as you get on when they are kneeling and they then jutt forward and back to stand so make sure you hold on tight!
Dune bashing is basically pilling into a jeep and bombing around the sand dunes – thankfully we had a very capable driver!
During the falcon show I almost got knocked out by the bloody thing – what they do is have the Falcon fly up and then swoop in to capture its ‘Prey’ (they trick him into thinking what they’re holding is an actual pigeon) and it is relentless in its quest for food so you gotta get the heck out of its way!
We rented to quad bikes around sunset which was absoloutely beautiful, and so much fun! However it did reconfirm the fact that I cannot drive, and possibly never will be able to! My directional skills are pretty non existant and control of the thing even worse, but thankfully there is nothing to hit but sand (or Emma)so I was okay :)

We also had a trip to Dubai, I’ll do a separate post on that at some stage,  and one or two nights out (Ladies Nights are the business!) and now we’re on our way to Perth to stay with our other sister for a few days.

I guess the pressure to entertain is (finally) off me :D

If you have any questions about Abu Dhabi, or life in the UAE leave me a comment :)


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