Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ur Makeup Wands & Beauty Sponge [Review]

Last week the lovely Nichola Graham, creator of Ur Makeup sent me out some lovely goodies to review! Thanks Nichola :)

First up is the Beauty Sponge, a nifty little makeup blending device!

As someone who hasn't applied my makeup with a sponge for years I was very pleasantly surprised by this! It applies makeup seamlessly (helped by the smoothness of the sponge) and the 'pointy end' really gets into all the hard to reach places like the sides of your nose and around your eyes! 
I also really liked this for blending in concealer - using dabbing and stippling motions on blemishes or under your eyes makes concealer go on perfectly, I always find using my fingers sometimes makes the concealer slide no matter what type I use so that's a big win from me :)

My foundation when applied with Ur Makeup Beauty Sponge:

Next up is something that should be in every makeup artists kit bag:

Re-Usable Mascara Wands!!!

Yep, these pink and black beauties are a MUA's dream - they come in 4 different shapes and are completely hygienically reusable as they are made from silicone!
Simply choose your desired wand, use, wash, reuse! Simples!

The fact these come in different shapes too is ideal - there is something to suit every MUA and every desired look!
Plus, the pink is soooo pretty!

I tried out two of these and I love them!

Here, I used the hourglass shaped wand (far right in picture). 

Here, I used the pink curved wand (third from left in pic)

I love how both of them applied the mascara, it didn't feel like using a wand at all!
Once again, very impressed!

These wands can take a pretty vigorous cleaning too, which is needed especially with the pink ones!
Left: After Cleaning | Right : New Wand

There isn't much discolouration and practically no loss of shape to the wand!

All of these can be bought from the Ur Makeup website : here.

Ur Makeup is also in the middle of designing some makeup too - due to launch very very soon! 
You can keep up to date on the launch via Ur Makeup's Facebook & Twitter pages :)

úr is Irish for 'fresh/new' - a perfect name for this innovative Irish company!

Will you be trying out the Beauty Sponge or Reusable Mascara Wands?

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