Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, New Adventure!

Happy New Years!!!

I cannot wait for 2014 to get under way as I have a very very exciting new adventure ahead of me at the end of the month :

I'm Moving to Abu Dhabi!!!!

Yep - at the end of January I'm saying goodbye to Dublin and starting a brand new adventure in the U.A.E!! 

"Why?" I hear you ask? To become Cabin Crew for one of the worlds leading airlines! 


I am so so excited! 
This has been a dream job of mine ever since I was little and I am delighted I am going to get to do it with such a glamorous & high end company :)

It all happened so fast! Although it had been a dream of mine ever since I was little, it was a dream I never really did anything about or thought would actually happen, so when I was working one day and someone from Etihad recruitment stopped me to ask if I wanted to apply for the assessment day that was being held in two weeks time I was shocked and of course jumped at the opportunity! 
I went straight home that night and onto the Etihad website to fill in my application and got a reply with an invitation to the assessment day within a few days - delighted I was!
Fast forward two weeks and I was on my way to London for the AD all nervous and thinking I'd be sent home first round. The AD was so nerve wrecking - it started at 8am and there were various activities etc done throughout the day, with three different 'cut off' points where they sent people home. 
The last cut off point was the scariest - we were brought into the corridor this time (it was the room for next stage of activities the last times), to be told by very straight faced ladies that we had to keep the noise down (*gulp*), but we got through!! 

After that we were brought back into the main hall to be shown videos and given talks about our new lives in Abu Dhabi, and more about the company! 
Now, I know they obviously were putting their best foot forward but it looked amazing! For the duration of our contract we get put up, rent & bill free, in company accommodation, with our own bedroom (I've done my research - it's meant to be pretty darn nice), get extremely discounted flights and great work hours & holidays! Travel the world getting paid for it? Win Win!

Then came the dreaded interviews - and because I was the last to leave the room as I was double checking my paperwork I got the be the lucky one to go first! I suppose it was good in a way, it didn't give me a chance to get too nervous beforehand, however I felt very unprepared! 

Fast forward another week and an email to congratulate me on being accepted for the position, providing all clearances and visa applications were approved - which thankfully they were :)

So, now here we are, with a date of 2nd February to start my 7 weeks of intense training in Abu Dhabi with some of the lovely girls I met at my AD!

The nerves are now kicking it - it went from 'Oh yeah I'm moving away in a month or two' to a couple of weeks in no time at all!

I have not started packing, saying my goodbyes, shopping, researching, anything yet! 

I cannot wait to start my new adventure and will try and keep posting with updates of my travels and new life, as well as beauty posts - of course ;)

Wish me luck!! <3


  1. Sounds v exciting, best of luck!

    1. Thank you!! It is so exciting but equally as nerve wrecking! xx

  2. Wow congrats hun, that sounds amazing! Good luck and have fun :) xxx

  3. So delighted for you! I work in travel and it really is amazing! Cant wait for the updates!! :) xxx

    1. Thank You!! I've never done anything like this I'm so excited & so scared!! I hope it'll be amazing :D xx

  4. What an adventure! Good luck!! :)