Saturday, 11 January 2014

My First AllSaints Purchase!!

Anyone who has read my 'Christmas Wishlist' post (here) will know that I love AllSaints but, sadly, I have not owned any of their clothes - until now!!

While lusting over some of their leather jackets on the website I noticed they had a sale on - happy days! Unfortunately I was still very limited on what I could afford (I swear their stuff must be laced with gold for the amount they charge!), but I did manage to order two beautiful t-shirts..

I had been looking for tops exactly like this for a while - very plain, slightly baggy andwith a 'v' that goes just far enough - these seemed to fit the bill perfectly so at £25 ish each, compared to their usual £40 price tag, and with an added 20% off on the night I ordered, I thought what the heck - I'll buy two!

They finally arrived this week and even the box was beautiful - 

However the real test was the fit - it passed!
I love these, and although they are only 15% silk (they are listed as 'silk t-shirt'), they feel beautifully well made.

[Excuse my messy room]

Long live my AllSaints obsession!


  1. I LOVE these kind of tee shirts and they are actually really hard to find! Wish I could afford All-Saints stuff, but they do a good sale sometimes and that’s when I really should buy!

    1. They are just the perfect t-shirt aren't they?! Honestly I almost slapped myself for spending so much on a t-shirt but 1) they're from All Saints & 2) as you said the perfect casual-yet-amazing v neck is oh so hard to find! Plus they were on sale ;) xx

  2. These kind of shirts are amazing! They're so simple yet stylish. Perfect to wear during casual days. :)

  3. Hi, could you tell me what size you chose?? xx