Monday, 27 January 2014

I've Been Kinda Quiet This Week..

Hey guys!

I realise I've been very quiet this week! As I've mentioned before I'm moving away at the end of the month (so soon!!!) so I've been trying to prepare myself recently, as well as a lot of sitting about in my pyjamas ;)

Packing is going alright, I have most of my clothes packed away but its the extras (shoes, bags, makeup etc etc) that are stressing me out!
Thankfully I will have 60kg baggage allowance so I shall be taking full advantage of it :) The extra weight will definitely be needed, as although Abu Dhabi will but hot hot hot all year around (yay!), I will also, hopefully, be travelling to different countries and climates with layovers - so I gotta prepare!

As a little treat on Friday I went for a Image Skincare Signature Facial in Akina Beauty Salon, it was lovely! They used all Image products, mainly the Vital C range which is great for my dehydrated skin - it still feels so smooth after it!
As I will be mainly in air-conditioned places, and my skin is dehydrated at the best of times, I picked up the Vital C moisturiser and the Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque. They were expensive, but honestly I rarely spend on skincare and it shows in my skin! After having used the moisturiser daily since I got it,and the masque once I can definitely see an improvement in my skin :)
Hopefully if I keep using them regularly my skin won't come out too badly with the climate change, plus they smell delicious and citrus-y!

Tomorrow night I'm going to the Wet'n'Wild launch in Dublin - I can't wait! I have already picked up a couple of their lipsticks, powders and nail polishes and honestly I'm in love! Its all such amazing quality and so affordable!
I'll have a full post up after the launch, but for those who can't wait you can find Wet'n'Wild at most Dunnes stores (they have replaces the Essence stands).

Then on Wednesday I have more treatments! Waxing in Brazilia (ouch!) and getting my eyebrows done with Rhian at The Brow Artists in Ranelagh - again more to come on those after the treatments!

Lastly, I'm currently on Day 1 of a Juice Detox that I ordered from Juice2Go - I've liked all of them so far and am not chewing my arm off just yet! I'm keeping a mini diary about it which will be published on Thursday once I'm done :)

Well, that's all for my mini update!

Wish me luck in the rest of my packing!



  1. I'm doing hair laser removal treatment with Akina, theyre pretty good.

    1. I'd love to have laser done! They were great with the facial - the salon was so comfortable!

  2. Hi Sarah. it's late but congratulation for your new career! I also wanna join Etihad as a cabin crew and I'm preparing online applying. I read your another posting and you're quite hurry when you were applying online so can I ask what kinds of full length picture you updated? Someone said it should be in business attire and others said it doesn't matter. I hope you go through training session well and good luck for your new challenge! Envy u!