Thursday, 30 January 2014

Brazilia Waxing [Review]*

As Part of my prep for the 'big move' I popped over to Brazilia on South William Street for some waxing!

I had never been to Brazilia before, however had heard great things - mainly about the professionalism and their use of Lycon Wax.

The salon itself is lovely - very clean and comfortable. I went in to the room to prepare myself and noticed there was a TV up on the wall - great distraction!

My waxer Aisling was very nice, not once did I feel uncomfortable or embarrassed while she worked away! I'm sure the fact that Brazilia is a specialised waxing salon (now with Laser & Shellac too) helps, they've seen it all before!

For the bikini line and, ahem, 'intimate areas' two types of Lycon wax were used; a pink wax to take away the darker & thicker hairs and then a purple wax to take away any fairer hairs left behind. No strips were need and because the skin is prepped with an oil first there is very little to no irritation and practically no redness (the oil ensures the wax only sticks to the hairs, not the skin). Lycon wax also melts at quite a low temperature, it was warm rather then hot which was lovely.
Although it was obviously quite painful waxing such a delicate area I can honestly say it was the least painful bikini wax I've ever experienced - each burst of pain only lasted a second, as soon as the strip was off the pain disappeared!

Then we moved on to lower legs, something I've never gotten waxed before.
For this a strip wax was used and, like the hot wax, it was a lovely warm temperature.
The feeling of my leg wax was very different to my bikini, because it was a larger area and more hair was coming off at a time it was more of a stingy sensation. Also, because I have shaved my legs for years the hairs have become very stubborn apparently - ouch!
The most painful part of my leg was done first to get it over with so it was all good from there :)

I have never felt my legs so smooth! Even though my hairs are all at different growth stages they feel amazing! Apparently it takes a couple of waxes to get the best result and for it to last the longest.

I will definitely try and keep up the waxing, and will never go back to strip wax for bikini line again!
It's not hard to see why Brazilia have been in business for 8 years!



  1. I used to go to WaxWorks in Limerick which was opened by an old manager from Brazilia and my experience in there was really good! I've no doubt that Brazilia must have pretty high standards rto!

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