Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Ted Baker - The Great & The Gorgeous

I picked up this little beauty in boots last week - on sale to €25 as one of their Christmas promotions, RRP €52! 

I'm a bit of a magpie, with a love of rose gold so obviously I just had to have it! Plus for €22.50 (after student discount) they were practically giving it away! 

The set includes loads! The main theme seems to be shimmery luxury - everything is so pretty and sparkly :) 

9g Each
These are lovely liquid highlighters, in Golden Glow and Pearly Pink, not dissimilar to Benefits High Beam and Moon Beam! 
At 9g a piece I don't ever see a time when I'll run out of these - that's loads! 
They blend out nicely and aren't too liquid, so I wouldn't be overly afraid of it taking off a strip of your foundation as you blend it out (I always find that happens with liquid highlighters!)

Cream Eyeshadow : 

This is probably my favourite product in the set - an amazingly beautiful rose gold eyeshadow cream! It glides smoothly onto the skin and dries to a shimmer, perfect for the lid or inner corners of the eye - definitely something I see myself reaching for in the party season! 

Lip Crayons : 
2.1g each
Two twistable lip crayons in A/W must have colours - burgandy and pink! 
Extremely creamy, opaque crayons that glide on easily. I would however be worried about the staying power of these - they didn't seem to stain the lip at all - but the colour and feel of them are  much better then you'd expect from a gift set :)

Bronzer :
Never have I ever seen a product that looks so pretty in a gift set! 
The camera doesn't do it's opulence justice! The casing is, again, rose gold and the product inside shimmers and gleams under the light! 
However, whoever marked this as a bronzer must have a face like a disco ball! 
To me a bronzer is for contouring, therefore should be matte - something that this product is far from! 
That being said I think this would be perfect used as a highlighter on your cheekboneso r corners of the eyes when you have your tan on for a night out (or if you happen to be tanned naturally you lucky devils!)
Either way the packaging alone sells it to me (as I said, magpie!)


False Eyelashes
I like the simplicity of these, they're a great length, the band looks thin and they're nice & natural. However I don't wear falsies, but these will come in very handy in my kit :) 

2x Nail Polish - 9ml each
Not great quality! 
The pink would be fine if you just want a slight gloss on your nails but you'd need around 6 coats to make it opaque! 
The gold glitter would be nice as a topcoat, but honestly I think it looks cheap! 

Eye Glitter - 1.6g
Literally just glitter in a tube! The sponge applicator doesn't pick up any product though so it would be very very hard to get any area covered with this - plus it falls everywhere.. Another dud!

Eye Liner Pen - 0.5ml
I love this! A thin felt tip, opaque, and jet black! I can't vouch much for the staying power but it seems like a decent pen liner! 

4 Eyeshadow Brushes
Again these are your standard gift set eyeshadow brushes - one has a sponge tip for crying out loud! 
I wouldn't be reaching for these but I'll keep them on hand for if I need to ever use body paints of something that is likely to stain my brushes!

All in all I think this was a good buy for the price (it's still discounted afaik!), and it would make a great Xmas present (well mine would had I not stuck my fingers in everything! Doh!)

Let me know what you think below :) xo 


  1. I saw this in Boots the other day, I was tempted but I left it behind.. Wishing I didn't now! Everything looks fab, especially the cream eyeshadow! Great post and photos :)

    Rachael | overdosedemaquillage.blogspot.com ♥

  2. Great review, it's always really helpful to know what's in these sets before you buy them! This would make a great Christmas present I think! x

  3. You got a great buy there - looks like fantastic value altogether! Plus the highlighters look like dupes of Benefits Highbeam and Moonbeam - lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

    Belle Morte Beauty

  4. I found that if you use the eyeshadow first then apply the glitter it is perfect!!

  5. I got this as part of a Xmas present and I love it, especially the illumimators! I also like the liquid eyeliner and I find it stays on really well. I'm in agreement with u about the glitter eyeshaddow tho, it's got nothing to stick to and just falls off every where. Over all tho a great present :-)

  6. I recieved this a a gift of my sister at xmas and would you believely i used the illuminaters on my nails thinking it was nail varnish lol.until i noticed after some time it wasnt drying and the texture was different...so im really just looking to know how do you use ted bakers illuminaters?? thank u jessy:)

  7. Not a single second surrendered relinquishing me in total stun.
    Ted Baker