Sunday, 24 November 2013

L.A. College Bridal Photoshoot

Sadly the time has come that I have finished my course in L.A. College Of Creative Arts (*cry*)..

However, finishing means I did a photo shoot!! 

For our shoot we did two looks, natural & bridal. For both looks I had a very clear picture in my head of how I wanted the final shots - the natural I wanted a dead on head & shoulders shot (like a models agency head shot) and for the bridal I wanted my model to be looking down, but not over the shoulder.. 
And, obviously, I wanted the makeup to be flawless ;)

However, I'm no photographer so thankfully Life of Reilly Photography were on hand to help me achieve the final images I was after. 

The photographer was great - he knew his lighting & helped me direct my beautiful model Katie, making sure I was 100% happy with the results! 
And happy I was! 

Here are the final edited pics :

Model : Katie McLaughlin Robinson
Photographer : Justin Reilly, Life of Reilly Photography
MUA : Sarah Flanagan

I absolutely loved my time in LA doing the High Fashion & Bridal course and am so delighted to have these shots as a part of my professional portfolio! 

What do you think? Xo 


  1. The dress is well cut and put together solidly. I will say that it is not the best quality of material, but it does not look cheap. Great purchase and price point, so I would buy again!

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