Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kim Kardashian Kontouring

I know this is a well demonstrated and blogged about technique since Kim K posted that picture of her face streaked in pink and brown a few months ago, but I've only gotten around to trying it!
We all know Kim's signature glow and chiseled features that make her the envy of women (and men) everywhere and the truth is its not that hard to recreate yourself. Her dark Armenian features definitely help with this look, but with the right brushes and various foundation shades it can be done on even the pastiest of skin :)


How to create the look:
First I gathered my products. You'll need:

  • Foundation to match your skin
  • Foundation a few shades darker (for contouring)
  • Foundation a few shades lighter (for highlighting)
  • Other makeup (mascara, eyebrows, lipstick etc)
I also used a green colour corrector under my foundation, but ill write about that in a different post!

For my foundation, contour and highlighter I used my new Crown Brushes Foundation / Camouflage / Corrector Palette -€28.74 (linked below), and my Real Techniques Duo Fibre and core collection brushes (linked).


I started by moisturising lightly, applying my colour corrector and then using the duo fibre face brush to sweep my matching foundation colour across my face (I used the middle one on bottom row). 

Now comes the fun/scary part! 

Using my pointed foundation brush I got the darkest foundation shade (bottom right) and began contouring! 
Basically when contouring you want to put the darker shade anywhere you want to appear shadowed, and you can create the illusion of chiseled cheek bones, a defined jaw or a slimmer nose!

Starting from my ear, I applied contour down towards my nose on both sides (this can be messy it'll be blended after). Then the same at my jaw and a thin line down either side of my nose, and at the base. For my forehead I used quite a bit of contour as I've a bit (allot) of a fivehead so contouring will help hide that a bit!

Now onto the highlighting. For this I used the lightest shade in the palette (top left) as well as my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in No51-Light Vanilla. For the highlighting you want to put the lighter shade on anywhere that you want the light to catch, the centre of your nose, your cheeks, your forehead, and your Cupid's bow.

By now you should look a right fool, so onto the blending! Using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush I began to lightly buff in and blend the contours and highlights, using a bit of my natural foundation colour (bottom middle) to blend it in and remove any harsh lines. For this it's better to do it lightly, even if it takes a while longer, as a heavy hand could ruin all of your hard work!

Finally set with a light dusting of translucent powder ( Rimmel stay matte in 001 transparent), some lippy and away you go!

I really like this look, and it isn't nearly as heavy as I thought it would be! However I definitely think ill keep it for nights out as it is definitely a "full makeup" makeup look!

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  1. i was really eager to get this done but i could not find an easier tutorial for me to look up to. but this really helps me out. thank you for posting