Saturday, 16 November 2013

Haircut @ The Studio

Around a week ago I got my haircut by the wonderful Marco in The Studio, Ranelagh. 

A good hairdresser is hard to find, and as I have and love very long hair I used to dread going for a chop, fearing that I'd leave bald - after a bob when I was 14ish I vowed never to get more then an inch off again! 

Marco however does exactly what I want every time - and does it well! I never worry about going to him (well, not too much!) and always leave the salon completely happy & with exactly what I had pictured when I came in :) 

For the first time in years I decided to go for something a little different with my hair - a fringe! A very fringey fringe at that! 

That, basically, was all I asked for and left the rest up to him (thickness/length etc etc) and said to keep the length of my hair but remove dead ends only.. 

And here is the result :

I love it! He really took my face shape & hair type into account - a thin fringe would have looked silly with the rest of my mop of hair and too long a fringe would have covered up the eye makeup I love to do ;)  
And for those of you who may be a bit more adventurous with your hair, Marco love to be a bit more creative too! I've seen bobs, colours, upstyles everything come out looking fabulous in my years going to him! 
Also, being Brazilian, Marco is well used to cutting & managing curly hair - a skill allot of Irish hairdressers lack! 

The Studio is located at 13 Oxford Lane, Ranelagh (behind Ranelagh School) & is open 10-7 Tuesday to Saturday.

As well as hair they do makeup, waxing and nails :) 

You can even get hair & nails done at once! Fancy! 

Contact The Studio:


  1. AMAZING :) love the fringe... and love the blog too hun xx

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