Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bodum Tea For One [Review]

This little beauty was a gift from my brother when I started drinking herbal teas - thanks Michael!

Basically it's a tea diffuser and strainer and it's pretty darn nifty, not to mention quite nice to look at! 
As herbal/green tea drinkers may know, most teas have both recommended temperatures and brew times - basically if you leave brewing too long they can start to taste awful!

Thats where this comes in, it allows the tea to brew away for your desired time through the mesh insert, while trapping in the heat with the plastic lid on top and having enough space to allow any loose leaf teas to swirl around - releasing optimum flavour :) 

When your brewing time is up, simply remove the lid and it turns into a holder for the diffuser! 
Absolutely no water is spilled when taking out the tea (assuming you hold the strainer over the cup for a second to allow a drip or two).

So all your left with is your perfectly brewed tea! 
The double wall insulation also means your hands don't get at all burned but the tea stays hot :) 

Let me know what you think below :) xo

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  1. Beautiful collection!! I can see you have a wonderful choice! maybe I should get myself one of those pairs... Thank you for posting it here!!