Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September Favourites

Just a quick post today listing the products I kept reaching for in September :) 

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish - Soft & Gentle:
I got this in my LA College student kit at the start of September and I now know why it has such a huge following! It's such a beautiful highlighter that would suit all skin tones. It's also very buildable so it's great for both day & night :)

MAC Bronzing Powder - Matte Bronze:
Again this was something I was lucky enough to receive in my LA student kit - I was looking into buying this anyways so I was beyond delighted to see it in there! 
As the name suggests this is a matte bronzer, it's smooth and so easy to blend! 
Again this is buildable so would suit for both day and night, if using for day I would recommend a light hand!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - 200 Soft Beige:
The only reason I bought this foundation and started using it is because a month after my holidays I was a very "in between" skin shade for me, so I didn't want to spend lots of money on something I would only get to use for a month or two! 
I am so very glad this is the one I chose! 
25 hour foundation is a medium coverage foundation and as the name suggests it is made to last, so it is quite a matte finish. While I wouldn't say this lasts a full 25 hours it definitely lasted from 7am - midnight on a day where I had work, my class and then a few drinks after.. Literally all I had to do was touch up my nose with a little powder once! 
If that isn't amazing for the approx €10-12 price tag I don't know what is! 
Now I wouldn't recommend this foundation for anyone with very dry skin - like with most long lasting foundations it can be a little drying on the skin so a good moisturiser is recommended beforehand

Maybelline Gel Liner - Black:
Again this is something I bought on a whim in a chemist as it was on offer for €5 (usually approx €12)! 
Liner is not something I like, simply because I cannot do it! My flicks don't go right, it's wonky and never dark enough! 
While a liner cannot magically make me able to do the perfect cat eye, this one definitely helps :) It is a very creamy, pigmented gel formula with goes on slightly shiny but dries matte, and lasts all day! 
It does come with a liner brush, however I prefer a slanted liner brush so I have used the one that came with it as a lip brush, as it is lovely and small to perfect the corners and Cupid's bow :) 

Inglot Cream Concealer - 34:
I picked this concealer up at the Inglot South Anne St Pro Store opening last month and have been using it since! It is a very pale yellow toned concealer that packs allot of pigment - perfect for under eye baggage! A little amount goes a long way and there is a tiny spout opening, meaning the 10ml tube will last a long time so for €13 this is a steal! 

Nivea Creme:
This stuff has been around forever but I never gave it the time of day - it wasn't fancy enough for me and looked too thick for my oily t-zone! 
However since starting my course and having my face prodded and washed much more than often I decided I needed something a good bit thicker to keep my skin in good condition.
This moisturiser is the business! It is very thick but it somehow sinks into skin so quickly and easily. 
It isn't at all slimy, it just leaves my skin feeling lovely and moisturised :) 

Are any of these products in your September favourites? 

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  1. Soft and Gentle looks gorgeous I must check it out!

    1. Do! To me it's allot to pay for a highlighter, but you only use a tiny bit so it'll last ages! X

  2. It's nice to see Rimmel finally embracing paler tones. I used to use lasting finish but the lightest shade at the time was too dark and I gave up on it!

    1. Honestly this shade only suits me because I'm still not at my palest.. At my palest the palest in this (100) is almost ok for my skin, I do have to blend to my neck more then I'd like but it's still great! Xo

  3. Love mac soft and gentle it looks amazing! Can't wait to try it.

  4. I love Soft and Gentle! It's so beautiful :) x

  5. I love mac soft & gentle too, such a flattering, delicate highlighter! Great to see that about the rimmel foundation too, I have dry skin so I'll be avoiding that! Great post! x

    1. Another favorite of mine is bourjois healthy mix - I've mixed it with the rimmel one today and it's stayed on brilliantly (8 hours and counting) and is a much nicer consistency :)

  6. Mac Soft and Gentle is my all time favourite powder highlight it is so pretty I love it so much!
    Hannah :) x

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