Friday, 18 October 2013

NIMA Brushes [Review]

I've mentioned these brushes before, in my Pro Beauty Dublin Haul (here) and after using them for the past two weeks I'm finally able to review them properly :) 

7 Piece Essential Set :

This set has everything you need for a full face application! 
The Foundation Stipple Brush is perfect for applying liquid or cream foundations, it is so soft and dense enough to leave a flawless complexion, which I find allot of stipple brushes aren't, and there was absolutely no shedding! Which is shocking for a brush right out of the packet! 

The Large Powder Brush and Blusher/Bronzer Brush are both extremely soft and fluffy and pick up the perfect amount of product (you won't look like you stuck your face in talc after your powder!). Then blend powder products out evenly and the slight dome on the contour brush hugs your cheekbone nicely.

For eye brushes this kit covers all the basics :
The Concealer is again very well made, I use it mainly for under eye concealer however I would also use it for any glitter product score anything that needed to be patted onto lid etc. 

The Crease/Pencil Brush is again very well made, very dense and perfect for adding shadow to the crease or under the eye. It fits very well into the socket - no risk of panda eyes! 

No eye brush kit is complete without a Blending Brush and again, this one is lovely! Soft, fluffy, dense enough to actually blend the shadow - I don't have a bad word to say on it :) 

Eyeliner Brushes are something I have a love/hate relationship with.. If they are too thick or go out of shape in any way they become instantly useless for doing liner, or even for neatly filling in your brows! This one has bristles that are just short enough to keep the hairs neatly in place, it's soft, it moves and it is thin enough at the top to apply your desired liner effect :) 

Round Topped Kabuki Brush:
This is now my favourite brush in my whole collection, and trust me, I have a lot of foundation brushes! 
I could go on and on about why I love this.. It's dense, it's soft, it doesn't waste product, it blends seamlessly, it gets into the nose/eyes etc perfectly and it's so darn pretty! A creamy white handle with a rose gold ferrel - beautiful! 

I'm dying to try the rest of the NIMA range! 

If you would also like to try it head over to their website and use code DISCOUNTOCT for a buy one get one half price discount until this Sunday 20th October

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  1. I absolutely love the white and rose gold brushes!! So beautiful and the hair is incredibly soft! So pretty!

    1. They're becoming a firm favorite! Everyone should have one :) x

  2. very nice brush set and love ur blog ! just started to follow u here :) hope u do the same

    1. Thank you lovely - I'd definitely recommend them! Followed back :) xo