Friday, 18 October 2013

Google Friend Connect

I'm looking for some of my fellow bloggers to help me out here :
What is google friend connect?!

Is it just another way to follow blogs?
Is it a social network?
Is it fun/interesting/useful?
How do you use it and get the most out of it?

Basically, I know nothing other then I have a widget for it (over there >>>) and I think I clicked "connect" or whatever on a few blogs, but don't know how or why to use it...

Help a sister out?! 

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  1. Hey hun, Its just another way of following a blog and basically that's it. If you go to your blogger home, you'll see a reading list on the left hand side. These are all the blogs that you've connected with. It the same as Bloglovin, but just withing blogger itself.

    Hope clears things up.. Or makes sense even!!

    Cint @ Makeup and Messes X

    1. Perfect thank you lovely :) That's what I thought it was but for some reason I thought there was some big thing I wasnt seeing! xox