Thursday, 3 October 2013

Beauty Tip of the Week [6]

For naturally curly, frizz prone hair, use a little conditioner as serum when just out of the shower. Rub through hair avoiding roots and don't wash out to help keep frizz at bay :)


  1. Oh my god SERIOUS hair envy!!!!! What products do you use?

  2. Not going to lie ladies,a few goes of the curling wand helped here! But generally I just use a fair bit of conditioner on my wet Hair at ends and underneath..I find mouses and sprays make my hair crunchy and frizzy! it works perfectly 50% of the time, there's unfortunately no way to know until it dries

  3. I know this is about your hair BUT I love your lipstick in this post. I really should experiment more with my colours. Deep purple is fab.

    1. This is one of those ones that sits in my makeup bag for months without being worn :( I adore it though - it's Kate moss by Rimmel :) such amazing pigmentation and colours for around €6! X