Monday, 2 September 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure [Review]

I stumbled across this beautiful polish set in TK MAXX for €9.99 which is a complete bargain seeing as they are usually €6-8!

(L-R: 210 Naked Ambition, 320 Raisin the Bar, 404 Greige Gardens, 340 Black Platinum)

I simply couldn't resist buying this set not only for the price but the colours! I definitely go for more muted polish colours (no neons/brights) and I can honestly say ill wear every one of these. I was also tempted by the claims that Complete Manicure polishes offer "7 Benefits of a Salon Manicure in 1 Bottle" as it definitely appealed to my laziness (I don't usually bother with base or top coats). 

The benefits are; base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour, top coat, chip resistance and gel shine. These are pretty bold claims, but so far they are lived up to! 

I used both Black Platinum and Raisin the Bar. It took me 2 coats on Raisin the Bar and 3 on Black Platinum to get them completely opaque. Usually this would really irritate me (my nails always seems to smudge) but these dried quite quickly so it wasn't an issue. 


Raisin the Bar is a gorgeous shimmery pinky plum colour that definitely confirms the claims of a gel shine! It is much shinier then shown in the pics, it really catches the light! 
Black Platinum is the perfect black polish, it looks like a midnight sky! 

The brush on these polishes is quite large and not flimsy, making even painting my right hand very easy and neat, suited to even the messiest polishers! 

I really love these polishes and they definitely live up to the hype so far (I will update later on chip resistance and strengthener claims), I can't wait to try the rest and possibly pick up a few more! 

Let me know your favourite Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure colours in the comments <3

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