Thursday, 26 September 2013

Crown Brushes [Haul & Discount Code!!]

Originally I went on to the Crown Brush website to get the C433 brush as I heard it was a complete dupe for the MAC 127 - a makeup artists favourite - but I got a bit (a lot) carried away by their amazing prices and the glowing reviews I'd heard about their brushes! 
Having previously ordered from Crown with nothing but good experience I thought what the hell - let's go wild! 

** Review of Crown Brushes Foundation/Camouflage/Corrector Palette Here **

So, here's my haul!

IB113 - Taklon Liner
IB108 - Oval Shadow
IB112 - Angle Stippler

C433 - Pro Blending Crease
C431 - Precision Pencil
C209 - Chisel Pointed Fluff

C408 - Chisel Shader
C123 - Mini Chisel

C139 - Stiff Tapered Crease
C138 - Round Contour

C411 - Pro Blending Crease
C422 - Cresent Shadow

*not pictured - DS04 disposable mascara spoolies*

My first impressions of these are brilliant! They definitely live up to their reputation of being professional quality brushes at extremely affordable prices - all of these cost me under €55 including shipping!!

** Use Code FINS2013 For 10% Discount on or **
(Valid Until 30/09/13)

All of the brushes are extremely soft, densely packed (when needed) and feel very well made. The matte black handles and code/name embossed on them is also much more professional looking than you'd expect from a brush that cost €3-8!

I can not wait to start using these in my course (@ LA College of Creative Arts - Link) and for my own use! 

Now, back I go to to have a look at the face brushes!

Will You Be Trying Any Crown Brushes?
Have I Missed Any Of Your Favourites? Let Me Know!

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