Sunday, 22 September 2013

Big Bouncy Hair : How To

A very easy tutorial on how I get big bouncy hair :) 

I find this best and easiest to do on second day, already straightened hair. 
The reason I say already straightened is because my hair is naturally very curly & wavy and left to its own devices its untameable, but if your lucky enough to have naturally straight or easy to work with hair this may be done straight after a wash :) 

Needed :
Heated Rollers - the bigger the better! 
Dry Shampoo - Optional
Curling Tongs - again bigger the better :)

Steps :
Turn on your heated rollers and leave to heat for as long as you can (at least 15 minutes). 
I use Remington Jumbo Heated Rollers.

Brush through your hair ensuring there are no knots or tangles and section with grips

Take approx 2" sections of hair, starting from the bottom back section, spray lightly with hairspray and roll 'down' around your heated roller. Continue with rest of sections, rolling away from your face. Does not need to be overly neat.

When all rollers are in, spray over entire head with hairspray. These need to be left in as long as possible for best effect, as your hair is all now up out of your face its a great time to get started on makeup! 

After 30-45 minutes start to remove your rollers, starting from the bottom. Spray each 'layer' with hairspray as you go

Twist waves with your fingers to ensure all are sitting the right way, and if you want a few more its time to go in with the tongs! Again roll away from your face in 2" sections.

A last blast of hairspray et voila! :

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