Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Colour Correctors

Red cheeks. Red nose. Pale skin.. Not the best combination! 
Unfortunately instead of lovely porcelain pale skin, allot of us Irish can be more accurately described as pale pasty and red. Thank god for makeup! 

Colour correctors are great, they work by using a colours opposite colour to neutralise the unwanted skin tones. In this case a green colour corrector cancels out redness. 

I've tried allot of green based products; moisturisers, primers, overnight creams but to be honest none of them really worked. I decided to give a colour corrector a go (from crown brushes palette, linked below), to try and cover up my rosy red cheeks without caking on foundation or concealers.

I really really like it! A thin layer of this cream powder foundation under my own foundation of choice and my redness is covered without layering on my foundation and looking cakey! Win win! 
To apply the colour corrector I used the real techniques duo fibre contour brush from their limited edition duo fibre set (below), as it applies a light layer and is very good for blending. 

(Not the best pic, but you can see some rosy redness)

Application is very simple, get some product on your brush and apply to face! For myself I concentrated on my cheeks, with a bit on my chin and nose and any red spots. Try not to overdo application or you will end up needing allot of foundation to cover the greeny whiteness that is left! A little really does go a long way, so be sure to blend blend blend! 

(Yes I am in my jammies!)

After applying the colour corrector it's time for foundation as normal. For this I used my real techniques buffing brush and Bourjois healthy mix foundation.

The result is a nice even foundation base with very little redness in sight! A perfect base for highlighting/contouring or to wear as is!

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